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Soothe Tea is calming with natural sweetness

80 gr per pack

Leaf Type: Loose leaf herbs and fruit
Taste: Sweet and aromatic.
Drink: On its own without milk or sugar. For children, the tea should be allowed to cool down before drinking.
Brew: Add boiling water and allow to brew for at least 10 minutes for a perfect infusion
When to Drink: Drink this tea at any time to help you relax. This tea is particularly suitable for children, when it is time for them to calm down, or when they seem irritable.

This is a naturally sweet tea with a definite taste of vanilla. It can be helpful in relieving stress and anxiety. Oatstraw is a source of minerals needed by the body: iron, zinc, and manganese. Chamomile is well known as a herb with a calming effect. It can be useful for hyperactive children, as well as calming the digestive system. Catnip is another digestive aid which can relieve tummy discomfort, and help to calm down a restless child. It has traditionally been used to help with colds and flu.

Chamomile flowers, catnip, lemon balm, oatstraw, apple pieces, hibiscus blossoms, elderberries, raspberry, cranberry, rosehip peel, vanilla.