Tummy Tonic

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Wellness on the go

80 gr per pack

Leaf Type: Loose leaf herbs, seeds, and root
Taste: Well balanced and aromatic, Tummy Tonic does not need any further flavouring. Fennel gives it a gentle sweetness and caraway provides a touch of spice. You also experience the typical aniseed note.
Drink: On its own without milk or sugar to enjoy its natural flavour.
Brew: Add boiling water and allow to brew for at least 10 minutes for a perfect infusion
When to Drink: At any time of the day. It is recommended to drink two or three times a day if the tummy is disturbed.

Tummy Tonic can soothe the gut and help to avoid discomfort. The herbs have been specially chosen for their action. These herbs have been found to ease spasms and cramps, relieving wind and colic. Several are considered to be anti-inflammatory, and helpful in resisting infection. Moringa has been used in India and Africa for thousands of years. In the west it has recently been labelled as a superfood.



Chamomile, thyme, agrimony, ginger pieces, lemon grass, spearmint, moringa, fennel, aniseed, caraway.