Herb Chai

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Herb Chai is Aromatic and uplifting

80 gr per pack

Leaf Type: Loose leaf herbs and spices
Taste: A delicious and aromatic flavour
Drink: On its own without milk or sugar, add honey if desired
Brew: Add boiling water and allow to brew for at least 15 minutes for a perfect infusion
When to Drink: This is a tea for any time: morning, afternoon or evening.

Herb Chai Tea is a very refreshing, uplifting, and pleasant tea to drink anytime of the day. It is very versatile and can be drunk hot or cold. The rich flavours of these aromatic herbs are not to be missed. The taste is sweet with the woody fragrance of cinnamon and the combination of cardamom’s complex flavours adds a minty quality with a subtle taste of sweetness. It keeps you feeling well and full of energy.
Aniseed and cardamom are both good for the digestive system, while ginger can stimulate the circulatory system.

Aniseed, cardamom seeds, ginger pieces, black pepper, cinnamon pieces, fennel, cloves, chicory roots.